About us

A down to earth approach with a strong client focus

Proudly Australian and privately owned since 1999, Inten started operating with the desire to be a trusted and reliable construction business within the competitive commercial building industry. Over the years our reputation has grown and we’re considered one of the best in the business, regularly working with some of Australia’s biggest brands in the retail space.

We go the extra mile

We understand and appreciate the unique challenges of construction in retail and commercial spaces. We care about creating positive working relationships and we’re proud that 80% of our clients are repeat business.

Some of the reasons you’ll love working with us include our:

  • Strong commitment to deadlines; we’re not 7am to 3.30pm builders!
  • Client service focus
  • Can-do attitude
  • Lean management structure
  • Specialists in live site refurbishment where there is a need to keep operations trading during construction
About us
  • Dedication to planning and commitment to the clients project timeline
  • Technical capability and proactive approach to resolving construction issues
  • Highly trained, organised and professional team
  • Old fashioned values with progressive construction techniques
  • Value for money

With over 70 employees we have a track record of delivering high quality work on retail and commercial construction projects.

About us

meet our team

With over 20 years experience in the commercial, retail and industrial construction sectors, the Inten Management team has extensive knowledge of local industry conditions and is able to guide your construction project from start to finish.

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