Inten’s primary focus is on building positive, long-term relationships within the retail and commercial construction and refurbishment market. Working within this highly competitive industry means we understand the importance of safety, commitment to deadlines, attention to detailed project planning as key factors for success. Underpinning this are our values.


  • Reliable: We do what we say we’ll do and when we say we’ll do it.
  • Honest and open communicators: We believe in being transparent and communicating issues as soon as we are aware of them.
  • Fair: We act with integrity and will always look for a win/win outcome.
  • ProudWe care deeply and take pride in undertaking a professional job and giving our clients a high-quality experience. Every time.
  • In it for the long haul: We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, subcontractors and  suppliers and have long-standing affiliations.
  • Proactive: We’re committed to planning and keeping our vision on the big picture; and if we see a problem we’ll fix it.
  • Respectful: We believe in treating our clients, suppliers and staff with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Friendly and down to earth: We’re known as being easy to work with and considered trustworthy and responsible within the industry.

Put your project in safe hands.

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Our people are proud, passionate, and come from a mix of tertiary and trade backgrounds. Giving us a competitive edge in the highly competitive construction industry.

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